Accepted Papers

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Regular Research Papers

  • Lothar Fritsch: Identification collapse - contingency in identity management
  • Holger Funke: Digital and mobile identities
  • Michael Kubach, Christian H. Schunck, Rachelle Sellung, and Heiko Roßnagel: Self-sovereign and decentralized identity as the future of identity management?
  • Tomasz Kusber, Steffen Schwalm, Kalinda Shamburger, and Ulrike Korte: Criteria for trustworthy digital transactions - blockchain/DLT between eIDAS, GDPR, data and evidence preservation
  • Lothar Fritsch: Identity management as a target in cyberwar
  • Anders Schlichtkrull and Sebastian Mödersheim: Accountable trust decisions: a semantic approach
  • Sebastian Kurowski and Heiko Roßnagel: On the diffusion of security behaviours
  • Zofia Saternus: Privacy and availability needs regarding user preferences for Smart Availability Assistant - towards a digitally enabled work life balance
  • Michael Kubach, Nicolas Fähnrich, and Cristina Mihale-Wilson: Agent-based models as a method to analyse privacy-friendly business models in an assistant ecosystem
  • Christian Zimmermann: Automation potentials in privacy engineering
  • Jan Zibuschka, Christopher Ruff, Andrea Horch, and Heiko Roßnagel: A human digital twin as building block of open identity management for the internet of things
  • Guðni Matthíasson, Alberto Giaretta, and Nicola Dragoni: IoT device profiling: from MUD files to SxC contracts

  • Further Conference Contributions

  • Valerie Carl and Cristina Mihale-Wilson: Consumer privacy concerns and preferences for certification and accreditation of intelligent assistants in the internet of things
  • Kalman C. Toth, Ann Cavoukian, and Alan Anderson-Priddy: Privacy by design architecture composed of identity agents decentralizing control over digital identity
  • Edoardo Talamo and Alma Pennacchi: IdToken: a new decentralized approach to digital identity
  • Giovanni A. Baruzzi: Token based authorization
  • Tamas Bisztray, Nils Gruschka, Vasileios Mavroeidis, and Lothar Fritsch: Data protection impact assessment in identity control management with a focus on biometrics
  • Detlef Hühnlein, Tina Hühnlein, Gerrit Hornung, and Hermann Strack: Towards universal login